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French slang you won’t learn in school

Date Posted: July 5, 2018Reading time: 1 minute

Age shouldn’t stop you from picking up a new language, science says so! While it may get more difficult, it’s just as worthwhile and can help improve your memory, attention, multitasking, and decision making abilities. Plus, being bilingual can be a valuable skill in the workplace.

Years ago, I had the pleasure to work with the late French Consulate of France in Halifax. ?He was an Anglophone who had taken French lessons and although he did well in his classes he still needed to practice daily.? For months we only spoke French on the phone and through our daily morning meetings. He actually started to sound more French than I did.

Finally being comfortable with his French, he wanted to immerse himself in the French culture so we decided to add slang to our chats. That’s when the fun really started.


French slang to add to your repertoire:

English – Don’t give up.

French –?N’abandonne?pas

Slang –?Lache?pas la?patate


English – That’s a lot of fun

French –?C’est?très?amusant

Slang –???a?trippe?fort


English – That’s excellent

French –?C’est?formidable

Slang –??C’t’au?boutte


English –??Hold on!

French –?Ne?quittez?pas !

Slang –??Attache?la tuqu


English –??That’s worthless

French –?C’est?sans?valeur

Slang –??C’est?moche


English – That’s cool

French – Super!

Slang –?C’est?chouette


English – I don’t believe it!

French – Je ne?crois?pas!

Slang – Ben?voyon?donc!


English – Right here!

French –?Ici!

Slang –?Drette-la!